The hosts

Hello and welcome to Lothe Feriehytter.
Our farms name is Seljehaugen (willow hill) and here we produce apples and plums and rent out cabins.
Mette and Tore Ramsøy started with rental cabins in 1990, and in 2018
Jan Helge Ramsøy and Caroline Dahl-Hansen took over the farm.
We live on the farm and are almost always available for our guests.

Tlf: 0047-97525418      Jan Helge  (English, Norwegian)
Tlf: 0047-97584019      Mette         (English, German, Norwegian)
Tlf:0047-91842011        Tore           (English, German, Norwegian)

Adresse: Fjordavegen 4732, 5778 UTNE, Norway